Just a quick post with a few photos of finished models. Hope you like! I'm looking to take on some commission painting jobs over the summer, if you're interested please email me at  


Dunkirk: A Movie Review

WARNING: This review contains spoilers Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan's new war epic and first major foray into the historical genre, opens abruptly with a shot of five or six British soldiers walking the streets of an abandoned French town. They fish cigarettes out of abandoned houses and pluck freshly-dropped German propaganda leaflets from the air as …

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I’m Back! With Some 15mm Cold War (Team Yankee) (UPDATED: 04/16/2018)

Wow, over two years since the last time I posted! I would apologize but I'm not under many illusions that there's anyone following this blog anymore 😛 Anyhow, I finally have some new content to share, and I think my painting has really improved in the intervening two years. I'll start this back up with …

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